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Do you need to upgrade your office space?

We can carry out:

As specialists in all areas of commercial refurbishments and renovations, C Owens Builders & Contractors are masters in all aspects of office alterations and building work. Whether you're looking for a new modern look or you need an extra area converting, we can help modernise your office to create a lasting first impression for your customers and a pleasing working environment for your employees.

•   Internal office alterations

•   Concrete and brickwork

•   Office maintenance

•   Building and structural alterations

•   Home office conversions

•   And much more

The complete office refurbishment package

Whether the bathroom in your office block needs renovating or you require a full office refurbishment, we have a team of fully skilled contractors available to carry out high quality building and renovation work. Our services also include:


•   Plumbing, heating and electrical work

•   Joinery and plastering

•   Industrial plumbing and pipe work

•   Construction of steel structures

•   Painting and decorating

•   And much more

First class advice

We can advise you on the best options available for your office or property and help create a plan of works that's within budget. To discuss your plans or for more information, get in touch today and let us take care of the rest.

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